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an accident but the ntsb said those rules do not apply to pilots licensed in foreign countries. >> let's talk about the weather today. repeat? we just pushing the repeat button? >> pretty much. overall the day is looking a lot like yesterday in terms of the cloud cover, in terms of chances of rain but our timing is going to be pushed back a little bit today i think compared to yesterday. we started early in the morning with showers pulling in from the west and i think we'll hold off till later this morning before we start to see a little bit of the sprinkles and light showers pushing in. so let's -- feels like it, yeah, you can feel it, warm and muggy and humid this morning. 78 degrees is our temperature with a dew point at 73 so that's very high. you know, the dew point, the maybe of the moisture in the atmosphere, most people start feeling uncomfortable in the 60s, we've got 73 already this morning, so kind of weather you can wary like to call it. 73 in frederick, 75 in hearingstown, temperature in martinsburg 75, 75 at dulles as well and your temperature in lexington park very warm at 77 d
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1